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350 m MSL
Sunrise: 04:08 UTC
Sunset: 19:41 UTC
44°30'53" N 01°35'33" E
France (FR)
Airfield Civil




General information
RWY Direction Elevation Dimension Surface Strength TORA LDA Operations
350 m MSL 530 x 30 m Grass (GRAS) n/a
RWY Direction ILS PAPI



Nearest airports

Title ICAO code Frequency Distance View
light_aircraft Created with Sketch (
VERS 5.51 km view
light_aircraft Created with Sketch (
MONTFAUCON 19.81 km view
apt Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
CAHORS LALBENQUE LFCC 119.225 MHz 20.32 km view
af_civil Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
FIGEAC LIVERNON LFCF 123.500 MHz 23.42 km view
af_civil Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
BIGUES 700X30 25.55 km view

Nearest navaids

Title ID Frequency/Channel Declination Range Distance View
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
CAHORS LALBENQUE CL 348.000 0.57° 25 km 20.13 km view
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
FIGEAC LIVERNON FC 395.000 0.66° 25 km 23.22 km view
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
BRIVE SOUILLAC BSC 351.000 0.6° 25 km 53.45 km view
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
TOULOUSE TLB 368.000 0.6° 30 km 64.29 km view
navaid_vor Created with Sketch (
GAILLAC-CASTELNAU DE MONTMIRAIL GAI 115.800 0.17° 100 km 64.98 km view

Nearest hotspots

Title Type Occurrence Distance View
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