openAIP - new details and ongoing beta

We are re-opening openAIP for extended beta testing. We have an updated database and we hope you like the new details and features we have implemented. Right now, openAIP does contain bugs that are yet to be found. If you find a bug or want to give feedback, please leave a short post in the forums or use the contact form.
Right now, openAIP and openAIP data is meant to be in english language only! Please keep this in mind when you create or edit data. Any content in a language other than english will either be not approved or deleted. We are evaluating the possibilities to implement localized versions of openAIP but this is a lot of work and will take some time. We'll keep you updated on this issue.
After we have verified that openAIP is working correctly we will enable different download possibilities for openAIP data that you can download and is free for private use. For more information, please read CC BY-NC-SA license, and commercial licensing.

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