openAIP in whole has proven to be a viable solution for mass distribution of up-to-date and highly accurate aeronautical data to thousands of people using this data on a daily basis in general aviation. Butterfly Avionics has been the first company that fully implemented openAIP services and is now capable of delivering free over-the-air updates to the iGlide, iPilot and Freeflight iphone applications. This means less hassle for all users when updating their airport, airspace and other data. All data can easily be updated from inside each app with just one click and you are ready to take off!
Another well know soaring application is KFlog’s Cumulus that has been around for quite a while now. Cumulus is a feature rich soaring software that runs on Android devices and also on Maemo based systems. Additionally a desktop version for Ubuntu/Debian is released so users can get familiar with all features. As of version 5.5.2 cumulus also supports openAIP data.
The flightassistant is another application for Android systems that, though in an early beta stage, looks very promising. The flightassinstant's aeronautical data can be based on the openAIP dataset and is also delivered as an automatic update to the users for convenience and a better user experience.
Another showcase for openAIP data is the myflight24 portal that offers online airplane rental. You can query the offered rentals depending on country, city and even a nearby airfield. The spatial query by airfield, the ICAO code and the airfield names data is fueled by openAIP data.

As you can see openAIP data can be utilized for many different use cases and if in need, solutions for special demands can be discussed and achieved. So don't hesitate to contact us!

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